Quiz: We Bet You're Not Holy Enough To Ace This Resurrection Test!


If you think you are the most pious Christian who knows everything there is to know about the resurrection of Jesus, take this quiz and test your smarts!!

CALLING ALL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!! If you think you know the story of Jesus's resurrection better than the average Joe, come and take this fun quiz!!

 Apr 30, 2017
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What is the holiday we dedicate the remembering of the resurrection of Jesus called?
St. Patrick's Day
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Why did Jesus rise from the dead?
because he was just napping!
to save us from our sins
he never rose from the dead
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Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as ______
Lent Week
Holy Week
Easter Week
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Fill in the blanks: The Romans---------Jesus, and nailed his hands to a------
crucified, cross
danced with, a wooden table
praised, boulder
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Finish the quote from Paul the Apostle: "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures..."
...20 years ago."
...And that he was buried, and that he rose again..."
...and then we all shall live forever."
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How many days after Good Friday does Easter occur?
1 week
2 days
40 days
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How many days later did Jesus rise from the dead after he was crucified?
3 days later
40 days later
500 days later
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WHO rose Jesus from the dead?
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What did the Romans do before crucifying Jesus?
made him bless all their food
they stripped off his clothes and fed him wine mixed with gall
prayed for him
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How many days does Lent last?
21 days
40 days
7 days
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