Quiz: Only A True "Rent" Fan Can Get 10/10 On This Lyrics Quiz


Come take this Rent lyrics quiz and prove to yourself and your friends that you are the best, and if they're jealous, well they can "take you baby, or LEAVE you!"

I know YOU are the biggest Rent fan EVER out there! Take this dazzling quiz that puts your knowledge of this classic, funky musical in the spotlight.

 Feb 22, 2017
1 of 10What do you think?
What ends this song lyric: "Five hundred twenty-five thousand..."
800 miles!
six hundred minutes!
920 ducks!
2 of 10What do you think?
How can someone NOT measure a year in the song "Seasons of Love"?
in love!
in toothpicks!
in cups of coffee!
3 of 10What do you think?
Complete the line from "No Day But Today": "There's only yes/ Only tonight/ We must let go..."
To know what's right!
To know I might!
I know tonight!
4 of 10What do you think?
What's the last line in the song "Rent"?
We're not gonna pay rent 'Cause everything is rent!
We hate paying RENT!
We're not gonna take it, NO! We ain't gunna take it!
5 of 10Complete the line!
"Take me baby..."
or leave me!
or kill me!
or don't take me!
6 of 10Complete the line!
In the song "One Song Glory," what comes after this line: "Truth like a blazing fire, an eternal flame..."?
Look for glory, from where it came...
Find, one song, a song about love/ Glory, from the soul of a young man...
Seek, one tune, a tune about hate/ Glory, from the soul of a young woman...
7 of 10Complete the line!
What is the missing word: "Where there's ____I see your eyes..."?
8 of 10What do you think?
In "Santa Fe" from Rent, what other famous city is mentioned in this song?
New York.
9 of 10What do you think?
In the song "Goodbye Love," complete Roger's line: "All your words are nice, Mimi/ But love's not a three-way street..."
You'll never share real love until/ You love yourself, I should know...
You'll never be a good parent until/ You love yourself, I should know...
You are a horrible person/ I should know...
10 of 10What do you think?
What is the opening line of the finale song in Rent?
Halloween is here!
Christmas bells are ringing!
I hope I get where I need to be!
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