Quiz: Only A True Puerto Rican Can Define These 15 Words. Can You?

Puerto Rico, puerto rican

Are you really a Puerto Rican native?

If you come from the beautiful land of Puerto Rico, step right up, and take this quiz!! Test your knowledge of the slang used in this country!

 Sep 30, 2017
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What does it mean to say something is "abombao"?
It is forbidden
It is very smelly
It is really small
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If something is "fuego" what is it?
Cool or hip
Really boring
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If someone says "A mí, plín!" in Puerto Rico, what emotion are they feeling?
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Which one of these words means "big shot" in Puerto Rico?
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How should you feel if someone calls you "broki" in Puerto Rico?
You should feel highly offended
You should feel like starting a fight
You should feel happy, warm, and loved
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"Cáscara" means husk of a fruit in Puerto Rico; what else does it metaphorically refer to?
An expensive house
A young child
An unintelligent person
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If you want to "call dibs" or "claim" something in Puerto Rico, what would you say?
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What phrase means "to steal something" in Puerto Rico?
"Gato malo con perros ayer"
"Dar un tumbe"
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If something is described as "fofo" what is it?
Excessively spicy
Very sweet
Flabby or bland
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What do Puerto Ricans call a police vehicle?
Una jara
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What are sandals called in Puerto Rico?
Flip flops
Summer shoes
Chanclas or chancletas
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How do people greet their male friends in Puerto Rico?
"Hey buddy"
"Si mano!"
"Ai Papi"
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What does "¿Qepota?" mean?
"Hello?" or "What's up?"
"I love you"
"Nice to meet you!"
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If a friend asks if you want to "janguiar" they are asking you what?
To do them a favor
To stop being friends
To hang out
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What does "nebuloso" mean?
Excited, happy
Untrustworthy, shady
Cool, awesome
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