Quiz: Only A True Catholic Can Get 10/15 On This Virgin Mary Test

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Are you a devout Catholic?

If you think you are a TRUE Catholic, step right up and see if you can answer these questions about the Virgin Mary's life!

 Aug 27, 2017
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Who did the Virgin Mary give birth to?
The Holy Spirit
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What was the name of the angel who visited Mary?
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How many Hail Marys does someone usually recite at once?
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What is another name that the Catholic Church has for Mary?
The Eternal Mother
Mother of the Church
The Ethereal Symbol of Divinity
5 of 15Fill in the blank!
The conception of Mary is called the _____ conception.
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What did Mary and Joseph offer to God when they brought Jesus to a temple in Jerusalem?
Woven baskets
15 Candles
Two turtledoves
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What do people use to keep track of the number of Hail Marys they recite?
A painted bracelet
A beaded ring
Rosary beads
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What are portraits of the Virgin Mary called?
Virginal portraits
Holy mothers
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Who was Mary's husband?
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What does the angel Gabriel tell Mary?
That she must get married
That she has been selected to be the mother of Jesus
That she must travel into the desert
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What did Mary use as a crib for baby Jesus?
A manger
A box
A bucket
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What is the birth of Jesus also referred to as?
The nativity of Jesus
The labor of Mary
The holy moment
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Where was Mary during Jesus' crucifixion?
She was in Nazareth with her husband
She was at a feast
She was present during the crucifixion
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What name is Mary NOT known for?
Theotokos (Mother of God)
Mary Magdalene
Queen of Heaven
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What is the term that describes Mary's ascension to Heaven?
The fading of life
Perpetual determination
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