Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Norwegian Lutherans Can Answer These 13 Questions

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Are you a true Lutheran?

CALLING ALL NORWEGIAN LUTHERANS!! If you think you have the most knowledge about your religion, come and test your smarts with this fun quiz!!

 Aug 27, 2017
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What is the name of the book that contains the historic teaching standards of the Lutheran church?
The Book of Concord
The Old Testament
The New Age Catechism
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Who founded the Lutheran church?
King Luther II
Martin Luther
Martin Luther King
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Which book do Lutherans believe is the only divinely inspired book?
The Book of Concord
The New Testament of the Bible
The Bible
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Where in the United States are several Norwegian-Lutheran churches located?
The South
The Midwest
New England
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What does a Norwegian Lutheran believe is the only way someone can be saved from their sins?
By spreading God's word across the world
Through regular confessions with a priest
By God's grace alone
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What is the religious act referred to as 'The Sacrament of the Altar' also known as?
Holy Communion
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On what day do Norwegian Lutherans typically have religious services?
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What book is usually used to teach about religion at Sunday School?
The Theology of Saints
The Catechism
The Book of Concord
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When do Norwegian Lutherans typically get baptized?
As an adult
As a baby
When they start going to school
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Lutheranism is the ____ religion in Norway.
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Until 2012 who were required to be part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway?
Police Officers
Parliamentary officials
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How does mass usually end in a Norwegian Lutheran church?
Silent prayer
A children's hymn
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Who is the patron saint of Norway?
Saint Helena
Saint Olaf
Saint Patrick
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