Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Norfolk, VA Locals Can Ace This City Challenge. Can You?

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Are you a Norfolk folk?

CALLING ALL NORFOLK FOLKS! If you love your town, take this quiz and test your smarts! You may be surprised how much you know!

 May 30, 2017
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How big is Norfolk, roughly?
it has around 10,000 residents and covers 10 square miles
it has around 1 million residents and covers 250 square miles
it has around 245,000 residents and covers 66 square miles
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Norfolk is home to the world's largest naval base which is called...?
Middle Eastern Headquarters for METO
South African Headquarters for SATO
North American Headquarters for NATO
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Norfolk is often called "Tree City." Why is this?
it has the world's largest roller coaster
it has the tallest tree in the U.S.
it has beautiful trees and gardens all over the city
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What are some words associated with Norfolk, VA?
quaint, military, aquatic, historic
huge, crowded, horrible weather, rude people
loud, colorful, nightlife, "party city"
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What is the famous Norfolk art museum called?
The Los Angeles City of Art
The Chrysler Museum of Art
The NYC Museum of Art
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What is the name of the General who is honored in Norfolk, VA?
General Selena Gomez
General Michael Jackson
General Douglas MacArthur
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What kind of food is most popular in Norfolk?
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What kind of cool things will you see at the Nauticus center in Norfolk?
many fancy restaurants, balloons and delicious food
cool naval sites, big boats and lots of water
many cages filled with exotic animals
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What are the top two most popular sports in Norfolk?
basketball and football
baseball and ice hockey
polo and golf
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What is the zoo located in Norfolk called?
The Rhode Island Zoo
The Hawthorne Zoo
The Virginia Zoo
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