Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Pass This Political Vocab Test. Can You?

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Are you one of the 2% of people that can pass?

CALLING ALL AMERICAN POLITICS LOVERS! Come and test your smarts about American politics! Only 1 in 50 can pass this!

 Apr 19, 2017

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What are the traditional symbols for Republicans and Democrats?
Donkey and Gorilla
Giraffe and Elephant
Elephant and Donkey

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What is the right to use an official power to make legal decisions?
Popular vote

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What's the common nickname for the Republican Party?
the GOP (Grand Old Party)
the ROP (Republican One Party)
the DOP (Delegate Only Party)

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What is the highest law of the government?
The U.S. Bill of Rights
The U.S. Constitution

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What is the definition of a nominee?
The candidate who is rejected from running for a political party
The candidate chosen by a political party to run for a particular office
The person responsible for the life of the Vice President

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America utilizes which voting system?
Random generator
Popular vote
Electoral college

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What wing do liberals fall in?

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What wing do Republicans fall in?

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The first 10 amendments are also called:
Law of the Land
The consitiution
The Bill of Rights

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What do you call a state that could be won by either the Democratic or Republican candidate?
Swing state
Caucus state
Debate state
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