Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Pass This Asian Geography Test. Can You?


Are you a geography expert?

CALLING ALL GEOGRAPHY LOVERS!! If you think you know the most about Asia's geography and it's many vibrant, countries, come and take this quiz!!

 Aug 27, 2017
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The border between China and Nepal runs across the summit of the tallest mountain on earth, what is the name of the mountain?
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Everest
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Which country in Asia has the largest population?
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One of the earliest civilizations, Mesopotamia, was located between two rivers in Asia what are the names of these rivers?
The Amazon and the Nile
The Tigris and Euphrates
The Volga and the Arno
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What is the name of the longest river in Asia?
The Yangtze River
The Amazon River
The Nile River
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Which island nation hosts Tokyo, the most populous metropolitan region in Asia?
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Which country borders both Russia and China?
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What is the capital city of China?
Hong Kong
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Which of the following is NOT an Asian country?
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What is the capital city of India?
New Dehli
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The Persian Gulf is an extension of which of the world's oceans?
The Atlantic Ocean
The Indian Ocean
The Pacific Ocean
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Baghdad is the capital city of which Asian country?
Saudi Arabia
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What mountain range is Mount Everest a part of?
The Kunlun Mountains
The Ural Mountains
The Himalayas
13 of 15Fill in the blanks!
The ____ river flows into the ____ sea.
black, blue
green, blue
yellow, yellow
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Which of the following is a desert in Asia?
The Sahara Desert
The Mojave Desert
The Gobi Desert
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Which of the following is the deepest lake in the world, located in southern Russia?
Lake Baikal
Lake Louise
Lake Victoria
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