Quiz: If You Can Get 100% On This Christian Test, You're A Bible Expert.

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Holy Moly are you a Bible expert?!!!?

If you think you are the MOST religious person you know, see if you can ace these Bible-based questions from the New to the Old Testament!

 Dec 03, 2017
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How long did it take God to create the world according to the Bible?
30 days and he rested on the eleventh
Ten days and on the eleventh he rested
Six days and on the seventh day he rested
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Where did God put Adam and Eve after he created them?
The Garden of Eden
An Ark
An oasis in the desert
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Who gave birth to Jesus Christ?
The Samaritan Women
Mary Magdalene
The Virgin Mary
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What was the name of the event where Jesus first served communion to his disciples?
The Great Flood
The Fall Of Babylon
The Last Supper
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Who were Adam and Eve's sons?
Cain and Abel
Job and Abraham
Noah and Samuel
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What were the ten commandments written on?
Stone tablets
Reed cloth
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What did God tell Noah to build?
An ark
A raft
A castle
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Who killed Goliath with a small stone?
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What does Lot's wife turn into when she looks back at Sodom?
A pillar of salt
A mouse
A rock
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What creature swallows Jonah?
A whale
An elephant
A snake
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Which of Jesus' disciples betrayed him for money?
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Which of the following is one of the miracles that Jesus performs?
He flies
He walks through a stone wall
He cures a leper
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What does Moses see that is burning?
A village
A bush
A flower
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What is one of the ten biblical plagues?
Freezing weather
Earthquakes for three days
Water turns into blood
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What happens when Moses is trying to cross the Red Sea with the Israelites?
God parts the Red Sea so they can cross
God creates a bridge across the Red Sea
Moses finds a hidden boat
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