Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You're A Master Guitarist

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Do you shred guitar??

CALLING ALL GUITAR PLAYERS!! If you think are the ultimate expert on this amazing instrument, come and test your smarts!

 Jun 30, 2017

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What instrument family does a guitar fall into?
the brass family
the wind family
the string family

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What shape is the guitar supposed to resemble?
a woman's body
a cupcake
a cactus

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How many strings does a guitar have on average?
around 58
6 or more

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What types of guitar are there?
round, flat, short and long
string, brass, wood, metal, rosy and black
electric and acoustic

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What is the function of the knobs at the top of the guitar?
they tune it or change the pitch!
effective for banging the guitar into the wall

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How long ago was the guitar brought into existence?
like 10 years ago
last year: December 10, 2016.
over 4,000 years ago!

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What part of your body do you play the guitar with?
your toes
your ears
your hands

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If a guitar is 6-stringed, what are the names of the strings (in order going down)?

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Who is (to date) the most influential guitarist of all time?
Jimi Hendrix
Dave Chapelle
Miley Cyrus

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What do you need in order to hear an electric guitar play?
an amplifier
an audience
a singer's voice

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What type of genre of music do guitars NOT go so well with?
Rock 'N Roll

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What is the acoustic guitar made of?
wood, glue and string
plastic and rubber
grass and pine needles

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When were electric guitars introduced into the world?
the 1600s
the 1980s
the 1930s

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What are the featured parts of songs that highlight the guitar player?
the "1, 2, 3, 4!!"
the guitar solo
the "mix"

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What is the most common chord progression in songs featuring a guitar?
C G Am F
All. You. Can. Eat!
G G G and G
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