Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From Missouri

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Are you really from the Show Me State?

Calling all Missouri folks! Come and take this quiz and test your smarts about your state! Share this quiz with others!

 Jun 17, 2017
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Where did Missouri's "Show Me State" phrase come from?
From Family Feud
After the song "Show Me, Missouri"
A man said "I'm from Missouri, and you've got to show me."
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Toasted _______ is a popular dish.
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Missouri starts at which river?
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The south is covered by which mountain range?
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What song became the Missouri state song on June 30, 1949?
The "Missouri Waltz"
The Cow-ring Dance
"Walking on Sunshine"
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What is the Missouri state flower?
the daisy
the flowering dogwood
the Americana blossom
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The word "Missouri" means ______ in Native American.
middle of nowhere
big mountain
wooden canoe people
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True or False: In 1865 Missouri became the first slave state to free its slaves.
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St. Louis is called The Gateway to the ______.
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What is a popular drink that actually started in Missouri?
Iced Tea
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The tallest mountain in Missouri that is 540 meters tall is called...
Taum Sauk Mountain
Navaho Mountain
Mt. Whitney
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Describe St. Louis style pizza.
Made with no cheese and only tomato sauce
Thin crust, made without yeast, Provel cheese
Deep-dish, lots of toppings
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St. Louis is the home of which renowned monument?
Gateway Arch
Lincoln Memorial
Liberty Bell
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What is the Missouri state folk dance?
Waltz dance
jitterbug dance
square dance
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When is Missouri Day?
December 24th
November 18
the third Wednesday in October
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