Quiz: Can You Answer 16 Questions Every "West Wing" Fan Should Get?

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If you are the ultimate "West Wing" fan, take this quiz and test your knowledge about this classic presidential show!

Calling all "West Wing" fanatics! Take this quiz to test your smarts about your favorite show! It'll be a blast.

 Apr 05, 2017
1 of 10What's the answer?
Who suffered from PTSD in the second season?
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What does President Bartlet do in the 7th season of "The West Wing" that's highly unethical?
he resigns as President
he abandons his child
he leaks confidential info about a secret Department of Defense program
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Which one of these international relation conflicts was not an issue in "The West Wing"?
The Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act
Terrorist attack in Berlin
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In season six Leo says that the Republicans have been "out of power for eight years..." What is the rest of this quote?
"...I sure hope the Washington Post wins us over in this election!"
"...my God, I want to buy a boat!!"
"...eight (years) is enough."
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What are the two years the presidential elections occur in the show?
2058 and 2890
2002 and 2006
1911 and 1984
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Which crisis occurred in Season 5, episode "Access"?
the Casey Creek crisis
the Warner Brothers TV crisis
the AMC crisis
7 of 10What's the answer?
Who was Josh Lyman's ex-girlfriend?
Donna Moss
Kate Harper
Mandy Hampton
8 of 10What's the answer?
What is the name of Jed Bartlet's (the president) First Lady?
Kate Harper
Abbey Bartlet
Charlie Young
9 of 10What's the answer?
With what political party was Jed Bartlet affiliated with?
no party
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In what location was there a shooting in season 2?
Rosslyn, VA
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