Quiz: Can You Answer 16 Psychology Questions Every Student Should Know?


Are you the next Sigmund Freud? Let's find out!

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 Apr 05, 2017
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What does REM cycle have to do with?
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What does the occipital lobe control?
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Freud made an analogy between the human mind and:
a house: our being is the outside structure, while our mind is inside
a tree: we grow above, while our mind is the roots below
an iceberg: the mind lies below the water, in the unconscious
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Can humans actually excel at multi-tasking?
only with two tasks maximum
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What does Dopamine do?
it causes one to feel sleepy
it is the addictive neurotransmitter
it is the pain neurotransmitter
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What psychologist created classical conditioning with his dog experiment?
H. Gardner
B. F. Skinner
J. Piaget
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According to Freud, which unconscious psyche controls impulsive desires?
the Id
the Superego
the Ego
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the letters are square like, which makes it harder for the eyes
because it seems like yelling and the reader gets upset
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What is NOT a good memory cue?
smacks in the face
old photos
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What is SAD?
Singular Analytics Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Signal Attributes Defect
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What is peripheral vision?
the visual field that is visible, but that you are not looking directly at.
whatever is directly in front of you
the ability to see with your eyes closed
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What are humans NOT innately born with?
racist tendencies
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When are you most affected by brands and logos?
when you are happy
when you are angry
when you are sad
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What is PTSD?
Portable Trauma Severance Device
Personal Trauma Signal Defect
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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What's the phenomenon of not having memories before age 2-4 years called?
infant memory disabilty
infantile amnesia
baby memory loss
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A neurological disorder characterized by involuntary tics and vocalizations and often the compulsive utterance of obscenities:
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