Quiz: Can You Ace This Ultimate “Alf” Test?

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Are you the ultimate Alf fan??

Have you seen Alf?? If you watched this silly show in the 90's, come and take this fun, extraterrestrial quiz that tests your smarts!

 Jun 30, 2017

1 of 12What's the right answer?

From what planet does Alf (Alien Life Form) come from?
Austin, Texas

2 of 12What's the right answer?

Which part of the world does the Tanner family come from?
the San Fernando Valley area of California
Vienna, Austria

3 of 12What's the right answer?

What is the name of the child born in the Tanner household during the show?
Jimmy Neutron

4 of 12What's the right answer?

How can the character, Alf be described?
he is very cynical, sarcastic and troublesome
he is very helpful, kind and smart
he is very racist, sexist and homophobic

5 of 12What's the right answer?

How does Alf get to Earth in the first place?
he never landed on Earth
he lived right down the road from the Tanners and moved in
he followed an amateur radio signal to Earth and crash-lands

6 of 12What's the right answer?

In the Season One episode "Pennsylvania 6-5000," what does Alf try to convince the President to do?
to eat cake
the answer his phone calls
the stop the nuclear war program

7 of 12What's the right answer?

What happened to Alf's planet before coming to Earth?
it danced around with its tap shoes
it spun too hard and got dizzy
it was violently destroyed

8 of 12What's the right answer?

Alf uses a---------------as a beacon in the pilot episode.
chicken leg
his growling stomach
a radio signal

9 of 12What's the right answer?

In the episode "Weird Science," what were the names of the two planets beyond pluto Alf told Brian existed?
"Dave" and "Alvin"
Thing One and Thing Two
xyz and 123

10 of 12What's the right answer?

In each episode, what was Alf trying to do most of the time?
trying to eat as many cupcakes as he could
trying to understand Earth and make new friends
trying to become the world's fastest ninja

11 of 12What's the right answer?

What does Alf want to do with the family cat?
Shave it and wear its fur
Sell it
Eat it

12 of 12What's the right answer?

Who is trying to find Alf?
Alien Task Force
His parents
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