Kelly McCreary Talks Grey's Finale: "You Should Be Worried About Everyone."

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"It's an event."

According to Kelly McCreary - the actress behind Dr. Maggie Pierce, "Grey's Anatomy" fans "should be worried about everybody" at Grey Sloan when the finale comes around.

In an interview with entertainment weekly McCreary called the season finale "an event" and further claimed: "it's a great big event that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It really is shocking. There were so many gasps of horror and surprise at the table read. It was delicious. It was just so much fun."

When asked whether fans should be worried about the docs of Grey Sloan (especially given season 12's heart-breaking and completely unexpected finale) McCreary replied: "You should be worried about everybody," She goes on to add "it is an event that affects everyone in the hospital."


Excuse me for a moment while I pull myself together. We are still weeks away from the finale and the anticipation is already eating me alive.

What makes this revelation all the more worrisome is a Kevin McKidd's description of the finale's event. Kevin followed the same theme of making it sound like some kind of horror thriller and described the finale as: " pretty dramatic and pretty intense. It's pretty dark and very good."


So when you combine 'an event, 'you should be worried about everyone,' and 'pretty dark,' what exactly do we get? As is customary with Shondaland, I am sure we can also add the term 'unexpected,' because whatever theories we can produce about what this 'event' might be we will inevitably be missing something. As always, Shonda Rhimes is sure to be 10 steps ahead of us.

Be sure to tune in to Grey's Anatomy Thursday's at 8/7c to catch all the drama!

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