Quiz: You'll Only Ace This If You Grew Up in An Italian Catholic Family


Are you a true Italian Catholic?

Test how well you remember these Italian Catholic phrases. Italian Catholic quiz. Italian Catholic sayings and phrases.

 Dec 01, 2017
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What is Ash Wednesday?
The Wednesday before Christmas
Jesus' Birthday
The first day of Lent
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How many sacraments are there?
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What image is often used to represent The Holy Spirit?
A dove
A fish
A lamb
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Who is the current Pope? (2017)
Pope John Paul III
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Francis
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Which saint do Italian Catholics associate with food?
Saint Peter
Saint Joseph
Saint Anothony
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You likely have a picture of Padre _____ in your house
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What is a traditional Italian name for the first daughter of a family?
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What does nona make at Christmas that is fried and sprinkled?
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What is Sunday dinner for?
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If your mom shouts "basta, pasta" at you she _______
annoyed with you
has dinner ready
is telling you to let the dog out
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When is Easter?
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"Nel nome del _____, e del Figlio, e dello Spirito Santo. Amen."
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At Church Catholics eat and drink bread and _____ or the body and blood of Christ.
du vin
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The Vatican can be found in Vatican City, which lies within which Italian city?
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If you want to apologize for a wrong doing, you might say _____
Per favore
Thank you
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