Quiz: Only The Best Lawyers Will Get 16/16 On This Law Test


You could be breaking the law without even knowing it...

Think you know about the law? If you love watching crime shows, you should ace this quiz about the judicial system!

 Dec 05, 2017
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What is a law degree called?
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In order to be convicted of a crime a person needs to be proven guilty.....
by the police
by the judge
beyond a reasonable doubt
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How many people sit on a standard jury?
4 of 16Pick your answer!
A jury is comprised of...
a diverse group of American citizens
Ivy League lawyers
retired judges
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What is the 'statute of limitations'?
The law that entitles defendants to a speedy trial
The law that says how many days a trial can go on
The max amount of time that can pass for someone to be charged with a crime
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The 'burden of proof' is placed on which party in a criminal proceeding?
The defense
The prosecution
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There is no statute of limitations on murder charges.
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What do the letters DA stand for?
Deputy Attorney
Directoral Attorney
District Attorney
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If someone pleads innocent by reason of mental insanity, did they commit the crime?
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What is the name of the exam all lawyers take to become certified?
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When arrested, if you cannot afford an attorney, what happens?
Your family must find you one
You defend yourself
One will be appointed to you
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How does the Judge get order in the court?
By clapping loudly
By using his gavel
By screaming at the top of his lungs
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In the United States the 'Supreme Law of the Land' is:
The Magna Carta
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
14 of 16Pick your answer!
What are Miranda Rights?
The inalienable rights of man
The rights stated at time of arrest
The first amendment of the constitution
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The international governing body responsible for maintaining international law is:
The European Union
The United Nations
The League of Nations
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In The U.S. Constitution freedom of speech is designated in which amendment?
The First Amendment
The Fourteenth Amendment
Freedom of speech isn't in the constitution
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