Quiz: Answer These 15 Questions and We'll Tell You Which Witch You Are


Are you hallo-ready?

 Oct 18, 2017
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How would you describe your close friends?
I have a few close friends and 1 best friend
My childhood friends are like my siblings at this point
I have a tighknit group of a few girlfriends
My significant other is my best friend
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If you could have a magical pet what would it be?
An owl that can send messages across the world
A psychic cat
A spider that spins new clothes instead of webs
A talking dog
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Would you rather do magic from a spell-book or wing it?
Wing it
Spell book
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When trick-or-treating you come across a bowl of candy that was left out with a note saying "Take one!", you obviously...
Take just one, gotta leave some for everyone!
Take a few, no ones watching!
Take the whole bowl muahaha!
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What would be your favorite magical class?
Defense against the dark arts
History of Magic
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What magical power do you most desire?
Ability to fly
Read minds
Freeze time
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What's your favorite part about halloween?
The candy
Dressing up
The scary stories
The freedom to be whoever you want for a night
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Select your favorite halloween flick!
Hocus Pocus
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Which Hogwarts house would you be in?
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Now, plan your perfect Halloween party!
Let's do this!
I can't wait!
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You're throwing a halloween party - where is it?
At your place
At a bar
At a cemetery
In a hotel ballroom
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Are costumes mandatory at your party?
Costume? I just dress this way all the time
Absolutely - you're not getting in without one
Only if someone feels comfortable wearing one
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Which spooky cocktail will you be serving?
The 7 deadly gins shots
Tequila - I don't do spooky cocktails
Blood of the virgin mary's
Pumpkin spice egg nog
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What kind of candy will you be handing out?
Anything chocolate
Ring pops
Black licorice
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What tunes are you going to play?
90s or bust
Ladies of the 80s
Top 40
Only halloween music
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How long have you been planning your own costume?
I'll just pick something out last minute
Costume??? I knew I forgot something!
A couple months
Since last halloween
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