Your Valentine's Day As Told By Grey's


From the singletons, to the galentines, to the googly-eyed... grey's got you covered.

Grey/ Sloan memorial is in no short supply of romance, the good, the bad, the ugly and everywhere in between.

1.) All The Single Ladies


For all the girls that are single and not looking to mingle. Get your girls, make a playlist, and don't forget the champagne! Your V-day plans include pinot noir, pizza, old pop music, terrible rom coms, and your best girls. And of course, plenty of dancing!

2.) The Downers


Let's be honest, you hate V day, and you're not afraid to say it. Much like C, you're not going to dinner with Tony from oncology who called you pretty - he's not worth your time, even if it is valentine's day. You can be found watching horror movies at home, and loving it.

3.) The Love-Struck Lovebirds


The full works are in store for your V-day. You are going to be one of those couples that everyone else kinda/sorta hates at the restaurant staring lovingly into each others eyes, using disgustingly sweet pet names, sitting on the same side of the table for no reason, and making the server incredibly uncomfortable. This day is for you, bask in its glory!

4.) The Boring and Married (literally, figuratively, or on a post-it note)


You demand romance because you feel like you should, but then... V-day rolls around and you can't even be bothered to get dressed. You and your long time lover will most likely end up in bed, having not even showered, watching terrible movies, getting take out, and mocking other peoples' lovey dovey social media posts. You really are made for each other.

5.) The People Having Absolutely None of It


You would rather pretend this day didn't exist. You can be found hiding out in your apartment with an endless supply of nachos waiting for February 15th.

6.) The Galentines


We all know your best friend is your real soul-mate. DUH. So grab your person and prepare for the ultimate Galentine's day with our helpful galentine's guide! Because a galentine is better than a valentine.

7.) The Couple... That Isn't A Couple


A romantic dinner at a fancier-than-normal place, and a movie: the classic. Let's be honest, your lack of DTRing might make the beginning of your cookie-cutter v day date a little uncomfortable, considering you're both really only there since you think you should be, but hey, you never know! Somewhere between tuna tartar and chocolate mousse sparks may fly. Or maybe not... have a galentine on call just in case.

Which Grey's couple are you and your boo (or not-so-boo) this v-day season? Let us know in the comments below!

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