Where To Buy Wine Glasses From Scandal

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Wondering where to buy Olivia Pope's wine glasses from Scandal, ABC's hit show? Pair these Scandal wine glasses with some red wine and popcorn, and you'll be just like Olivia herself!

Where To Buy Wine Glasses From Scandal

Olivia Pope's wine glasses on Scandal are nothing short of iconic. Want to buy these Scandal wine glasses? Or perhaps you're wondering where to buy wine glasses from Scandal online for your Olivia Pope-obsessed person? We've curated a few wine glasses from Scandal below and be prepared to drink like a queen! And don't forget to catch up on Scandal on Amazon Prime while you're at it!


If you've ever watched ABC's hit drama Scandal, we're sure you're aware that the main protagonist, Attorney Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) loves red wine - we can relate. Red wine, expensive red wine to be specific, is Olivia's drink of choice and to do so she needs an equally beautiful vessel for all her red wine, though these glasses don't have quite the same price tag as a 1994 Ch√Ęteauneuf du Pape.

Regardless if you're filling these beautiful Scandal-approved wine glasses with a bold Bordeaux or a bottle of 2 buck chuck you'll look every bit the picture of elegance and grace, like Miss Pope herself, holding this specimen of glassware - by the glass, of course, not the stem.

Buy The Scandal Wine Glasses On Amazon

Crate and Barrel

Looking for Olivia Pope's iconic goblet? Buy a set of 4 on Amazon for $35.01.

The Light Red Beaujolais Glass


Want a little more style and flare? Try the light red beaujolais glass for the same size with a little more shape! Buy a set of 6 for $60 on Amazon Prime!


Having wine and popcorn for dinner? Complete the occasion with the proper glassware! Order the Scandal wine glasses today to drink like the Queen O herself for the rest of your days!

Don't forget to watch Scandal on ABC and get caught up on any episodes you missed on Amazon Prime!

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