The Official Grey's Season 13 Watch Party Drinking-Game

Get the tequila.

As the new season grow ever-closer its time to get your grey's watch part plans sorted. And as we all know any epic premiere wouldn't be complete without a kick-ass drinking game, so we have delivered one here for you! Get the tequila, and get ready.

Take A Sip When...

  • Someone calls for an epi
  • Someone is rude to a nurse
  • One of the surgeons brings their kids to work
  • Personal issues are discussed during surgery
  • Someone goes to Joe's

Take A Shot When...

  • Someone gets down and dirty in an on call room
  • Someone mentions their estranged parents
  • Avery is shirtless
  • A patient dies

Chug When...

  • Someone has a seziure, a double if it's a member of the Grey-Sloan staff
  • Someone on Grey's is drinking
  • Someone dance's it out

Finish Your Drink When...

  • Something goes wrong during surgery
  • Someone proposes or there is a wedding
  • Someone finds out they're preggers
  • Someone cheats
  • Someone finds out they got cheated on

Open a new bottle if...

You feel like Shonda has once again ruined your life...

So pour yourself a drink and get ready for the next season of Shonda-induced emotional masochism!

New season premieres THIS Thursday January 26th at 8pm central!