The 5 Craziest Moments From Last Night's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy


Shonda... or should we say Kevin, has done it again. Every emotion in 43 minutes.

In complete honesty, this season so far has been a little... lack-luster, but that all changed last night!

If last night's episode accomplished anything, it was that it got the people going. From Jackson encountering his long lost father - and giving him a verbal beatdown, to the momentous JAPRIL kiss, we were basically just a basket of emotions.

These are the top five moments in case you missed any of the drama!

5. When Jackson and April Were At Eachother's Throats

Jackson made it very clear from the get-go that he was none-too-pleased by the surgical partner his mother had chosen for him. TBH though that's such classic Catherine, he shouldn't have been surprised, at all. In either case, he made no effort what so ever to hide his distaste from his mother, or from April. Ouch. And in that moment all dreams we had of a Japril reunion crumbled.

4. When Jackson Stole Our Hearts... again.

"I don't make promises I can't keep." Excuse me while I cry for 3 days. Jackson's empathy for this girl's parents is frankly overwhelming and truly inspiring. Bravo Jackson.

3. When Jackson Told His Father To Go To Hell

Robert Avery didn't even recognize his own son. I'm sorry how could you not recognize this man. HELLO!? "You're not a grandfather. You're not my father. I don't break my promises. That's the difference between you and me." CHILLS.

2. When Japril saved their patient's life.

The pure euphoric joy when Japril came together against the odds and saved that little girl. And Jackson kept his promise (sobbs uncontrollably).


Actual footage of my reaction to THAT. KISS. THOUGH. They've been through so much they just deserve to be happy and in love. We deserve it too!

Bravo to Kevin McKidd - otherwise known as Owen Hunt - on his stellar directorial debut and Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew for absolutely SLAYING and hitting us right in the feels.

Tune in to ABC at 8/7c next Thursday to see if this Japril reunion is for good... or just for now!

h/t: US Magazine

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