The 12 Best Young Justin Trudeau Tweets To Really Get You Going


Anyone else feeling thirsty?

The internet's collective thirst for someone has never been as real as it is for Prime Minister Steal Yo Girl, otherwise known as Justin Trudeau.

Can we just declare Canada the universal ruler of the world til the end of his term?

Personally, I'd like to be under his rule. And from the look of these 12 tweets, I'm not alone.

1. She makes a very valid point, no one should be surprised.

I mean, LOOK at him.


I'm focused on you too Justin ;)

2. Men are pretty much just giving up.

3. Mine too, mine too.

4. It's official, he's perfect. Even Disney says so.

5. And good morning to me for waking up to this picture.

6. Saved By The Bell needs a reunion rn to make this a thing.

7. We just couldn't stay away mom, I mean LOOK.

8. The realest of struggles.

9. Can't I just have them both though?

10. LITERALLY thank you, Sir.

11. He get's the people going.

12. At least then he'd notice me.

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

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