The 10 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up How Every Grey's Fan Felt Tonight


Amelia though. Dang girl!

And that's the Grey's we know and have a very complicated love/hate relationship with. Tonight's episode hit us in every feel, and as always, the internet clapped back.

1. This girl who kicked the night off right!

2. And then shit quickly got real.

3. Low. Blow. Dude.

4. AND of course they're on a freaking plane when this shit goes down.

5. Thank you Meryl, I couldn't have said it better myself.

6. The people are here for you Maggie even if Shonda isn't!

7. The ting humans do not always give you priority Arizona!

8. It's Shonda, so we're not surprised. It still hurts tho.

9..You'd think we'd all be numb by now.

10. And it hurts, but we'll always keep coming back for more.

Tune in to ABC at 8/7c next Thursday to find out where Shonda takes us next!

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