The 10 Most Underrated Deaths In Harry Potter

Give these characters' deaths the attention they deserve!!

1. Charity Burbage

This death is so important for two reasons: (1) She was completely innocent. She wasn't a part of the resistance, she wasn't a 'mudblood' she was simply the Muggles Studies teacher at Hogwarts. (2) Her murder was particularly gruesome. She was tortured, suspended above a table, killed, and fed to Nagini.

2. Lavender Brown

Lavender may have been an annoying character to say the least. But her annoyance was in her ignorance. The only thing she cared about was Ron, despite the world crumbling around her, and ultimately, she fell victim to the world she willfully ignored, and was brutally attacked by Greyback. Though it is unclear whether or not this was a fatal attack, its gruesome nature makes it worth mentioning all the same.

3. Rufus Scrimgeour

Scrimgeour was an atypical politician by many metrics, and not a particularly likeable one at that. He and Harry definitely had a strained relationship if nothing else, yet he made the ultimate sacrifice when he died for claiming that he didn't know where Potter was hiding.

4. Colin Creevy

Colin will always and forever be Harry's number one fan, and unfortunately it was this fandom that killed him when he snuck back into the castle to help Harry battle the death eaters at the battle of Hogwarts.

5. Bathilda Bagshot

Bathilda's death surely wins the awards for most creative, and most creepy. Bagshot was a talented and well-respected witch who was killed out of opportunity and defiled after death.

6. Hedwig

Hedwig in many ways was a symbol of Harry's innocence, and a relic of his childhood. Hedwig's death symbolized the end of Harry's childhood... and ours!

7. Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew and the Hogwarts crew had a complicated relationship. He lived as Ron's rat Scabber,; for many years, then helped bring the Dark Lord back to power. However, he found redemption in death, when he allowed Harry and Ron to escape, and was killed by his own silver hand because of it.

8. Nymphodora Tonks and Remis Lupin

Tonks and Lupin both survived years of social ostracism, lonliness, hardship, and pain before finally finding their place within The Order and with each other. When they finally were married and had a child, it seemed things were finally going well for the pair, until the battle of Hogwarts where they died together leaving their child orphaned much like Harry had been.

9. Fred

Fred's death was the most heart-breaking death in the series because he and George always found the light. They were the constant source of comic relief, and genuinely inseparable. They looked on the bright side, they made jokes, they laughed, and they always believed in the best outcomes. The fact that George was suddenly left to grapple with his independence made Fred's death all the more tragic.

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