The 15 Best Tweets From Last Night's Episode of #TheBachelor


Last nights episode was full of so many twists we nearly got whiplash. And of course, the internet did not hold back.

1.) We are all over this 'to be continued' BS.

2.) Actually though.

3.) girlbye.

4.) Cause choking your almost boyfriend is defo the way to his heart.

5.) Raven - all mighty queen of the adorable insult.

6.) We all learned sophomore year that volleyball is both physically and emotionally painful. DUH NICK.

7.) When Olivia's ghost rises to drop some logic, you know shit got real.

8.) I swear to god I had never seen Whitney before the two on one.

9.) Starting to see a common factor in the 6 relationships Nick ended...

10.) Shonda Rhimes may or may not have produced last night's episode.

11.) Maybe third time isn't the charm?

12.) The fact that this is even true is terrifying.

13.) Wait not so fast...

14.) The ending we were all kinda expecting.

15.) This dude who pointed out we are all wrong all the time.