The 12 Best #GreysAnatomy Premiere Tweets

Grey's FINALLY came back tonight and let's just say twitter didn't hold back.

Shonda pretty much spent the first half of this season building up to this episode where we find out Alex's fate, and guess whose in the episode?

A pregnant 16-year-old-maxium-security-inmate, and NOT ALEX. And to no surprise, the internet is none too pleased Shonda.

1) Cause Alex for real got us in the divorce.

2) Grey's gives me hormones too girlfran

3) Arizona was all about helping this chick but not that much


5) We were all thinking it...

6) Cristina we need you


8) But actually tho how you gunna play us like that Bailey!?

9) And 10 extra pop-culture points for this girl

10) This girl who cut the crap and just wanted Shonda to get to the point already

11) How did this even happen!?

12) Preach sister