The 8 Best Grey's Moments From Christmas Past


'Tis the season to be nostalgic! These are some of our favorite moments from all the Grey's christmas episodes!

Grey's Anatomy is one of the few shows on TV that usually opts out of christmas-themed episodes. There are only really 4 christmas-y episodes to choose from - what's up with that Shonda!??! Here are some of our favorite festive memories of Grey's seasons passed.

When Izzy got too dang into it

In season 2, Izzy was basically a one woman traveling christmas market. Mer and George were less than thrilled.

When Meredith and George gave into Izzy's christmas madness

Eventually Meredith and George took off their scrooge hats and helped Izzy celebrate the holidays, culminating in this iconic shot of the three roomies hanging out under the tree.

When Owen played the guitar

And we all swooned.

When McDreamy played the guitar too

And then we double swooned.

When they all had a 'normal' christmas meal

Grey's is a pretty outrageous show and it can be a little unrelatable at times, but in this scene they all get together for some good food, with some great friends, just like the rest of us!

When Bailey got married!!!!

And made us believe in love.

This beautiful kinda-sorta-not-really-but-really-father-daughter moment.

Richard and Meredith's relationship was complicated at best, but they love each other, and it's beautiful

This beautiful family moment

Because christmas at the end of the day is all about friends and family and being the people you love.

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