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'Yer a wizard!!

The wizards - and yes I do mean wizards - who created the viral craze Pokémon Go have FINALLY announced a new installment of their 'go' series: Harry Freakin Potter Go. Harry Potter go will launch in late 2018. Thank Albus Dumbledore above, 2018 is already shaping up to be better 2017.

The game's official name is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and all I can say is pass me the quill I'm signing up for Dumbledore's Army ASAP.

The (quidditch) team at Niantic has assured its fans that the new projects will have a much less bumpy initial flight than Neville Longbottom - or its predecessor Pokemon Go.

CEO John Hanke, dropped some juicy deets about the game play itself to, and revealed how easily elements of the Harry Potter franchise fit with augmented reality! Get ready to run into Hypogryfs on your morning commute folks!

After all, 'the ‘muggle' world and the wizarding world are only separated by this thin veil," Hanke said. "It's very easy for us to imagine bringing that kind of magic into our everyday lives."

Niantic has promised that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will aparate into the muggle world 'at some point in the second half of 2018' which technically could be as early as June. My money is on HP himself's birthday for the big release - but only time will tell!

The developers have assured users that they want to ensure as smooth a flu network flight as possible for the initial launch, and with a product as highly anticipated as Harry Potter Go, we can imagine there will be more than a couple galleons in it for Niantic should the release go according to plan.

Look for Harry Potter Go - Harry Potter Wizards Unite - in the app store in 'the second half of 2018.'

And a huge thank you to Niantic for finally making my twelve year old self's dreams come true and sending me my letter. If you need me at any point in the 'second half of 2018' you can find me waiting on platform 9 3/4.