Barack Obama Was Spotted In NYC And The Internet Cannot Contain Itself


Barack Obama has finally come back from the Islands, and it it isn't a moment too soon.

Thank Richard Branson almighty Obama is back! And as can be expected the twitterverse is pretty much losing its mind. And TBH so am I.

We knew you couldn't stay on the islands forever Barry, don't worry we missed you too.

This person perfectly summed up my feelings rn.

Mine too @girlhoodposts, mine too.


Seriously though we need to make this a thing.

We've changed Barry we promise!

The realest of #dadgoals

Conspiracy theory: Obama, The Clooneys, and Beyonce are plotting to repopulate the world with better humans.

And TBH I'm 100% behind that cause.

Risks being attacked by emotionally exhausted liberals just to see his baby girl <3

And no we are not over it.

When you see a picture of your ex online and he looks gooooooooood.

And of course, they could not resist throwing some shade at the current Tweeter-In-Chief.

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