Shonda We're Not Messing Around: 5 Questions We NEED Answered Tomorrow!


COME ON GIRL. We've sat through 2 whole episodes and we still don't know what's going on with Alex!



COME ON. He clearly didn't take the deal, but does that mean he's out for good, and we can all forget this nightmare? Or, does this mean that we've just prolonged the agony and there will be a long drawn out trial where we cry every day? We need to prepare ourselves for that, and we can't do that without at least some answers!

2.)When is Minnick leaving?


For real, Shonda, we're over her. This is not fun anymore. No one is laughing. We just want Webber back!! #WebbersArmyForever <3

3.) Where is Riggs's head at?


Meredith, Maggie?! Who will he choose? And also, more importantly, who do I chose? This is one love triangle where I don't even know who I'm routing for. On the one hand, we want Mer to be happy and we love her. But also, Derek will always be in our hearts, and it gives us all kinds of mixed feelings seeing her with someone else. And then on the other hand, Maggie deserves love. She put herself out there with DeLuca and that ended... badly. Give the girl some love! I for one am starting to have emotional turmoil and I need this question answered for my own emotional well-being.

4.) Is Jo Pregnant....


Thanks to Ellen Pompeo's remake of queen Bey's pregnancy photoshoot (check it out here), we know that Camilla Luddington, also known as Jo Wilson (or maybe not, that part is unclear), is preggers. Like really preggers. CONGRATS Camilla!! This also means, she was probably showing when the season filmed. I don't know about you all, but I think her real life pregnancy could be turned into a pretty interesting story line! And Shonda is nothing if not a creative lady!

5.) Why is that pregnant girl in prison!?


Now I realize that was kind of a one-episode story line, but this has been haunting me. What. Did. She. Do.? Tell me, Shonda, tell me!

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