9 Reasons Mark and Lexie Were Perfectly Flawed

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Mark and Lexie were meant to be; They got through all the BS and they deserved to be happy! Uncontrollably crying

Mark and Lexie were the most perfectly flawed and perfectly matched couple in all of Grey's. Things were hard for them from the very beginning, but they never gave up because they were meant to be.

I think I speak for all of us when I say... Shonda is a cruel, cruel woman for taking them away from us.

1. They knew the importance of being silly


With all the craziness that was always going on around them, Mark and Lexie always found a bit of light in each other.

2. Their love was electric


Imagine love at first sight, yeah then multiply that by about 400.

3. They knew how to have fun


And boy did they have fun.

4. They knew how little sense their relationship made


No one thought their relationship made any sense, and neither did they, but they loved each other enough to ignore all the noise.

5. They loved each other SO much


Because all they wanted was to make sure the other person was happy and safe.

6. Even when they were fighting, they were always there for each other


They hadn't spoken in weeks but Mark carried an almost unrecognizable Lexie's bleeding body through the hospital.

7. They put each other above themselves


If that's not true love I don't know what is.

8. Even in the hardest moments they could smile


Even as she was dying Lexie was smiling because Mark was there. TEARS.

9. They knew how right they were for each other


Even in the end.

Somewhere in heaven, Mark and Lexie are together and Shonda is nowhere to be found.

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