Man Makes Comment About This Women's Clothing Trend - Internet Claps Back

The women of the internet had to a put a see-through trend nay-sayer in his place.

When iHateYungJules tweeted this comment over the weekend there is no way he could have expected the fire storm he had just invited up himself.

When 16 year old Quenlin Blackwell of Dallas, Texas, came across the tweet she claims it initially made her 'cackle out loud.' However, as she thought more about it her amusement turned to rage claiming the comment and double standard it depicted were 'insane.' "How does a breast offend someone?' She said. "How does an organ - NOT EVEN AN ACTIVE SEXUAL ORGAN - offend so many men and their so-called masculinity" preach girl, preach. In protest, Blackwell replied stating:

And while Blackwell may have just been expressing her own outrage, her tweet went completely viral as other women jumped in to add on their thoughts.

This woman who pointed out the hypocrisy of it all

This woman just tryna live her best life

and of course, the most obvious of truths

The overwhelming number of responses showed Yung Jules the error of his ways - or at least scared him enough to pretend that he wasn't trying to tell women what to wear.

Some other dudes even jumped in to aid in his mansplaining

But of course that was just fuel to the fire

And eventually of course, led to this

But finally, this beautiful soul, said so much.. in 140 characters or less.

And taught us all, but mostly @iHateYungJules and @E_Wall724, a very important lesson.

All that matters when it comes to women's choices about women's bodies is some good ol fashion respect.

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h/t: buzzfeed