Literally Just Pictures of the Beautiful Babies of Greys

When Sophia was born and it all began...

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

She was a badass from the beginning.

And then this time she was unamused with her dad

Yeah whatever dad, we get it.

When Zola stole all our hearts

via ABC

And damn the adoption agency if they wouldn't let MerDer adopt her!

Look at the love there I mean COME ON

Who wouldn't fall in love?

When Bailey came along and was the cutest little pumpkin

She didn't seem to be all too impressed with her parents either..

Tucker Bailey.

Nuff said.

When Ellis was born and it was heartbreaking and beautiful

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

and it gave us ALL THE FEELS all at once.

This beautiful family moment

McDreamy is looking down on them!

When Karev cuddled this baby back to health!

via ABC

I know, I know, not technically a 'grey's baby' but we had to.

And finally.... beautiful baby Kepner-Avery!

Find out her name in the new season!

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