Justin Chambers Reveals Who He Wants Karev To End Up With On Grey's Anatomy


And it isn't who you'd expect..

One of the biggest mysteries of this season has been what in the heck is going on with Alex and Jo. Are they together? Are they not together? If they're not together are they getting back together? And the answer is, who. knows.

To recap, Alex and Jo were happily together and planning their future when Alex kinda-sorta-not-so-accidentally beat the snot out of Deluca when he walked in on him helping a very intoxicated Jo into bed. Clearly, he thought DeLuca had less than noble intentions and things got a little more than out of hand.

After a lengthy trial and a ton of a lot of anxiety (on our part) DeLuca dropped the charges, and Alex is free! Horray! However, Jo, who had an extremely abusive ex is finding it difficult to move past the incident.


In an interview at Paleyfest (an annual festival celebrating television) Justin Chambers, otherwise known as Alex Karev, offered some insight on the matter. Stating, 'anything is possible,' and that he trusts the writers to eventually find a happy ending for Karev - we hope so too Justin.

He even elaborated claiming:


Though we think that may have been merely for comedic effect, we'd for sure watch that season. It would be like a car accident, no one would be able to look away! Eventually, Justin opened up a little more earnestly and shared that he'd 'like to see Alex flesh out his relationship with Jo,' but also isn't ruling out a possible Alex/Meredith courtship explaining that 'people who have been friends for one another can become lovers. You never know."


And if we know anything for sure when it comes to Grey's, it's that you absolutely never know.

Who do you think will win Alex's heart in the end!?

Tune in to ABC on Thursdays at 8/7c to find out where Shonda takes him!

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