10 Reasons Jackson Avery Is Actually The Best


Derek Shepherd gets a lot of attention for his hair and general dreaminess, but have you SEEN Jackson!?

Jackson is for sure the dreamiest man on Grey's period.

Yes. Really.

Not only does he love and accept April, who, let's face it, is hard to love. But does it without complaining, being moody, or any surprise wives (unlike certain other dreamy fellas we know of....)

So here's why Jackson deserves to inherit the crown of the dreamiest man on Grey's.

That side eye

His devotion to winning rock-paper-scissors

His utter confidence

Absolutely everything about this

When he stood up for love

I mean look at that smile

He has a sense of humor

That cheeky grin

I don't know what this is but definitely this too

And finally, when he became a daddy and our hearts exploded

We love you Jackson. Shonda this is an official warning if you take him from us we're gone. FOR REAL.

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