If The Cast Of Grey's Were High School Superlatives


When you think about it, Seattle Grace is a lot like high school.

Grey's is in no short supply of some pretty strong personalities, the good, the funny, and the crazy. Here's what their yearbook might look like!

1. Most likely to become President

Owen is practically a ready-made Grey's politician. With his military background and likability factor he would've made a president even Barack and Michelle could be proud of.

2. Prom King

Of course goes to Derek, it's the hair.

3. Prom Queen

Addison was DEFINITELY the prom queen when she was in high school. Perfectly poised, quaffed, and she's just the right amount of a mean girl.

4. Most likely to be famous

Callie would make an excellent reality-star. Think about it, there's the promiscuity, the hasty marriage to George, the having a baby by her best friend while engaged to a woman, the outbursts, the pleasure she gets from breaking bones. She's like a one woman Jersey Shore.

5. Class Flirt

Cause it couldn't have been anyone else.

6. Most sarcastic

Christina. I mean, duh.

7. Best Dressed

Or best un-dressed. She was Dr. Model after all.

8. Class know-it-all

Kepner, particularly in the beginning, was the kind of person you were nice to so you could copy her notes, but never wanted to go to the mall with.

9. Class Hearthrob

Look. At. Him.

10. Class Mom

She was basically everyone's mom to begin with, may as well make it official.

11. Most Improved

Of course goes to the dark and stormy miss Meredith Grey. She's come a long way in since season 1. From being a tequila fueled emotional rollercoaster, to a much more responsible emotional rollercoaster. It's called progress.

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