HORRAY! Betty White Officially Made It To 2017!


Betty White said FU to the curse of 2016 and made it safely into the New Year.

As most humans are aware, dozens of incredible celebrities were taken away from us in 2016. It was tragic and endless, truly NO ONE was safe from the wrath of 2016. This rampant purge of our nearest and dearest celebs caused a man in West Virginia to actually start a GoFundMe account to ensure Betty White's safe passage into the new year.

Well folks, we did it! It is officially 2017, and Betty is safe and sound, and badass as ever. Here's to YOU Betty, for being so incredible that America couldn't bear to let you fall victim to 2016.

In your honor, here are a few of our favorite Betty classics.

When she enjoyed her drinkin and was not sorry

This valuable lesson about how to deal with haters

When she was the hippest 80 year old, ever, in history.

When she shook it off like it ain't no thang

When she REALLY enjoyed her drinkin and still wasn't sorry

When she was the most badass 80 year old, ever, in history.

Sorry 2016, but Betty is dancing on into the New Year like:

And she's just getting started

So cheers to you Betty!! Happy New Year!!

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