Grey's Finally Came Back.. And Here's How We Felt


I can't be the only person overwhelmingly confused by what just happened...

As you all are by now aware, tonight's premiere was a bit of a let down.

I didn't cry, and at no point did I want to cry - what the heck Shonda?

And more importantly: I. Did. Not. See. Karev. WHAT?! You spent the whole beginning of the season building up to this moment, and you spend a grand total of 4 seconds on it!?

And instead you focus on a pregnant 16 year old K10 (whatever that means) patient who you give us all sorts of feels about (is she terrible, is her mom terrible, but I kinda feel for her even though she might be a murder etc). And then you don't even tell us what she did.


This is pretty much exactly how I felt the whole way through, please tell me I'm not alone.

Bailey is really afraid of jail


It's very strange seeing Bailey afraid of something and I don't think I like it. But also, why is she so terrified of jail? Are you gunna at least tell us that Shonda?!

How in the hell did that pregnant chick just flip attack a doctor?


I'm equal parts terrified, confused, and impressed. Maybe the belly gives her momentum....

This girl is full-on bat-shit


I wonder what happened to her. Something has to have happend to her! Tell us Shonda, tell us!

Oh my god this poor overwhelmed prison doctor

TV Fanatic

Like she's kind of a bitch, but I also kinda want to hug her..

She just called Arizona out on her unicorn voice though


10 points for you possible-murderer pregnant girl.

Bailey is SO intimidated


This is a whole new world, and I really don't like it.

Wow this girl's mom is awful

On the one hand, I hate her and she sucks, on the other hand, I still don't know what her daugher did.



Yes Bailey, you hold her hand, you tell her it's going to be OK.



Shade queen forever. Bow down.

Wait actually Shonda, You're not going to tell us ANYTHING!?

This episode has left us with two burning questions: (1) Why is this girl in prison? (2) WHAT IN THE HECK HAPPENS TO ALEX.

And you chose to answer none of them.


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