Grey's Anatomy's New Plane Episode Is Already Giving Us Anxiety (PHOTOS)


Really Shonda, are you going to do this to us again?

At least this time we've had time to emotionally prepare right!?

If we have learned one thing by now about Meredith Grey it's that planes just really aren't good for her. Well apparently, Shonda doesn't care.

According to Moviefone, this season has an upcoming episode set to air on April 13th which takes place entirely on a commercial airliner. And personally, I'm starting to have traumatic flashbacks.


The episode is titled "In The Air Tonight" (because of course it is), and is directed by Chandra Wilson - otherwise known as Miranda Bailey - You go girl!

This season has seen a lot of directorial debuts and personally we couldn't be more thrilled! Actors Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) and Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) have already made their behind the scenes debuts and this episode will be Chandra's first time in the directors seat. Congratulations Chandra!

The episode will focus entirely on Meredith and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) as they cross through the skies (to an undisclosed location). And as is seen below.. neither of them look too thrilled about it.

TV Line was unable to secure any other details, so we are unsure as to whether or not this plane will remain in the air. However, we would like to take this opportunity to launch a formal protest that bars all future plane crashes, the first one nearly destroyed us. Share if you're with us!


While we're still unsure as to what exactly goes down on board one theory suggests that there will be a crisis with one of the passengers on board and Grey and Riggs will be called to action to save them!

Personally, I vote for that.

That being said, all rumors are still unconfirmed by the Shondaland team. For all we know, this could be another musical episode (god we hope not) or a weird flashback dream! Who knows! In any case, the expressions above do not indicate that there will be a smooth flight, romantically, or otherwise.

And for everyone who was hoping for a Meredith/Riggs romance don't forget that Ellen Pompeo played down the idea of Mer-Riggs romance, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly warning: "Don't get too excited." She added, "Whether you're ready or not, you have to make the leap; I don't know if she's ready." Mer hasn't forgotten you, Derek!

At this point, it's all up the in air! All we can confidently say is that we are nervous. Very nervous.

Tune in to Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights at 8/7c to watch all the drama unfold!

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