GREY'S ANATOMY SPOILER ALERT!! Kevin McKidd Talks Owen and Amelia's Future

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Maybe not so happily ever after?

In an exclusive interview with E! Kevin McKidd talks all things Amelia.

At the beginning of this season we all had such high hopes for Owen. He was finally happy and with someone who genuinely cared more about him than surgery (soz Cristina, you know it's true). But it appears his happily ever-after may not be that ever-lasting!

In the interview McKidd explains:

"It's a hard one because she's got all these demons. He does too. And now they've hit against this big issue of the baby. Owen has always imagined having a family, and now she seems to be changing her view on that. So that's going to be a big issue for them," the actor told E! News during a recent visit to the Grey's set. "I'll be interested to see what happens, but, at the moment, it's not looking good. I have to say, it's not looking good. But sometimes that's what's so interesting about the show and I think what's clever about the show is that it looks like the story's pulling you in one direction and one thing will happen and it will change everything."


Yet fret not my Omelia (not a thing, but let's make it a thing) fans! McKidd went on futher to express "I've got a feeling that Amelia's going to sort of come to Owen's rescue somehow... I don't know why I think that. it's just a gut feeling I have."

And as we all know, and Kevin himself pointed out, 'on any ABC Shondaland show, there's always a maybe to everything. Anything can happen."

Check out the full interview below for more dirt from Kevin as he talks about possible appearances from Megan (Owen's presumed dead sister), and of course, miss Cristina Yang.

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