Grey's Anatomy Might Have A Hot New Couple!! Find Out Who It Is Here!!


And we're 100% on board.

To all of those Japril fans still holding out hope, you can stop reading now.

Last night's episode revealed some serious steam rising between Maggie and Jackson!


It's no secret that Maggie Pierce has had a rough season between the loss of her mother and her unrequited crush on Nathan Riggs - who chose her sister over her (ouch) - March clearly was not her month.

However, if last night's episode is any indication things are starting to look up for this cardio goddess!

And when you think about it, it really does make perfect sense. Jackson and April aren't good together. Again, Japril fans, I am sorry. But they're not. Their relationship can never get back to where it was when April stood Matthew up at the alter and it's time they both moved on!

And Jackson making a connection with another Grey Sloan Memorial doctor is just the sort of messy uncomfortable Grey's Anatomy love triangle we have come to know, love, and obsess over.


However, some fans have pointed out that the familial connection might be a little weird. In the sense that both Maggie and Jackson can technically call Richard 'dad' in some respect because Richard is both Maggie's biological father and Jackson's step-father.

That being said, the two aren't actually related per se and this added complication is just so very Grey's Anatomy.


At this point, it is anyone's guess as to what will happen between Maggie and Jackson but personally, I can't wait to find out! They both have been through so much and just deserve to be happy! Am I right!?

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