Grey's Anatomy Full Cast

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The Full Cast of Grey's Anatomy

This is the definitive list of the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Since Grey's Anatomy first premiere on May 22nd, 2005 a lot has changed! And along with the changing storylines and all the Shondaland Grey's Anatomy drama, the cast has changed quite a bit as well. Over the years we've seen dozens of doctors come and go, here they all are!

Meredith Grey:

Portrayed by Ellen Pompeo

Derek Shepherd:

Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey

Alex Karev:

Portrayed by Justin Chambers

Cristina Yang:

Portrayed by Sandra Oh

George O'Malley:

Portrayed by T.R. Knight

Miranda Bailey:

Portrayed by Chandra Wilson

Richard Webber:

Portrayed by James Pickens Jr.

Izzie Stevens:

Portrayed by Katherine Heigl

Preston Burke:

Portrayed by Isaiah Washington

Callie Torres:

Portrayed by Sara Ramirez

Owen Hunt:

Portrayed by Kevin McKidd

Jackson Avery:

Portrayed by Jesse Williams

Arizona Robbins:

Portrayed by Jessica Capshaw

April Kepner:

Portrayed by Sarah Drew

Jo Wilson:

Portrayed by Camilla Luddington

Mark Sloan:

Portrayed by Eric Dane

Lexie Grey:

Portrayed by Chyler Leigh

Amelia Shepherd:

Portrayed by Caterina Scorsone

Stephanie Edwards:

Portrayed by Jerrika Hinton

Ben Warren:

Portrayed by Jason George

Addison Shepherd:

Portrayed by Kate Walsh

Maggie Pierce:

Portrayed by Kelly McCreary

Nathan Riggs:

Portrayed by Martin Henderson

Andrew Deluca:

Portrayed by Giacomo Gianniotti

Teddy Altman:

Portrayed by Kim Raver

Leah Murphy:

Portrayed by Tessa Ferrer

Katherine Avery:

Portrayed by Debbie Allen

Erica Hahn:

Portrayed by Brooke Smith

Ellis Grey:

Portrayed by Kate Burton

Adele Webber:

Portrayed by Loretta Devine

Nicole Herman:

Portrayed by Geena Davis

Shane Ross:

Portrayed by Gaius Charles

Denny Duquette:

Portrayed by Henry Dean Morgan

Henry Burton:

Portrayed by Scott Foley

McVet/ Finn Dandridge:

Portrayed by Chris O'Donnell

Rebecca Pope/ Ava

Portrayed by Elizabeth Ann Reaser

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