Grey's Anatomy Almost Had A Different Name, And TBH We're Not Feeling It

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Once upon a time, all the way back in 2004, Grey's Anatomy didn't exist yet (gasp, we know). And during that time Shonda and her team were still considering multiple names. And as with many TV dramas, there were other front runners before the name "Grey's Anatomy" was finally chosen.

Did you know originally the show was meant to be a dramady!? Can you even imagine?! As reported by Elle, Shonda Rhimes recently led a Masterclass on TV writing and spilt lots of fun facts about her early vision for Grey's Anatomy.

For starters, the original working title for the show was NOT Grey's Anatomy. It was...Surgeons!

And if I'm being honest, it's a no from me. Surgeons just doesn't have the same intensity as Grey's Anatomy does. It has less gravitas if you wil.

Shonda also revealed that Alex Karev wasn't even in the original concept, and his character was added into the show after the pilot was already shot. Any world without Alex Karev is not the world I want to live in.

And in more weird news, the show almost didn't take place in Seattle. Originally, Shonda had her sights on a bigger city like NYC, Boston or Philly.

Luckily though, in the end, all of these little things were tweaked to give us the Grey's Anatomy we all know and love today. Show of hands if this just made you want to go watch it all over again...

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ht: Buzzfeed