GET ME AN EPI! 2 Original Interns Are Returning For The 300th Episode

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Yes you heard that right two of Seattle Grace's OG interns are returning for the 300th episode!! Any guesses who it could be? Ok, we'll tell you. Sandra oh - Dr. Cristina Yang, and T.R. Knight - Dr. George O'Malley, are reportedly returning to Grey's Anatomy for the 300th episode and no, we will not calm down. The rumor mill hasn't quite gotten into full swing yet, so we're unsure as to how exactly their characters will fit back into the fold at Grey Sloan Memorial, but if we know one thing for sure, it's bound to be dramatic. Here are all of our theories as to what could be happening!

George O'Malley Returns To Grey Sloan Memorial

Now, in case you don't remember 007 left Grey-Sloan in a rather dramatic turn of events when he was injured beyond recognition in a bus accident and then scribbled the numbers 007 on Meredith's hand just before dying. It was traumatic for all of us. As much as Shonda loves herself some far fetched medical cases, she hasn't gone so far as to enter the supernatural world, and given the fact that George's character died it will be very interesting to see how Shonda plans on bringing back our OG favorite nice guy.

Cristina Yang Returns to Grey Sloan Memorial

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Cristina Yang on the other hand, is alive and well, albeit in Switzerland. So there is any number of ways Shonda could bring her back into the mix one thing is for sure, we cannot wait to see how Owen reacts. And Amelia. And Megan. And Riggs. And ya know, pretty much everyone.


Although we're holding out for an adult Cristina return the above picture being circulated suggests that we may witness the return of a younger Dr. Yang and Dr. O'Malley. Only time, and Shonda, will tell! Check out the full trailer below!

Tune into Grey's Anatomy on ABC Thursday Nights at 8/7c! The 300th episode premiere next Thursday 11/09!

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