SPOILER ALERT!! Ellen Pompeo Talks Possible Meredith/Alex Romance

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And much like Mer, we have a lot of feelings.

In an interview with E! Ellen Pompeo revealed that she isn't interested in a Meredith/Alex relationship citing that it would be "weird."

And GIRL we could not agree more. While we are pretty much obsessed with how close the two are as friends, and their display of platonic love has kept our hope for joy and happiness alive in some pretty dark grey's times, we totally understand that that's just a bit too far.

"Justin [Chambers] is one of my favorite people on the planet, we're really close and it does feel weird."


Over the last decade Meredith and Alex, and therefore Ellen and Justin, have spent endless hours at each other sides, and have developed a true friendship, and yes, love, for one another.

However, trying to make friendship something more can get... awkward.

Imagine your best platonic friend of the opposite sex - now imagine being forced to passionately make out with them while 5 dudes with cameras and Shonda Rhimes look on. Nothing about that sounds fun. We can totally understand why Ellen and Justin aren't thrilled by the idea either.


Justin Chambers is clearly also team friendship and was quoted as saying "I think anything is possible, but personally, I find it to be weird, I think that they're very much like siblings. They've been through so much together. Personally, I don't see it. But, hey, this is Grey's Anatomy. Anything is possible."

And if anything is for certain with Grey's, it's that anything is always possible.

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