Ellen Degeneres Gave Jesse Williams A McNickname And It Will Give You Life

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Jackson Avery finally has his own McNickname, and it's as McAwesome as you'd expect!

Jesse Williams joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy in 2010 and has blessed us with all the eye candy we could ever need since.

And just when we thought he couldn't get any more attractive - we find out he was a school teacher before he was cast as Dr. Jackson Avery! Cue a chorus of awwww's.

All the way back in 2010 Jesse appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show where she pointed out some serious McProblems.

According to Ellen, it was unfair that McDreamy and McSteamy got all the attention, so she gave him his own McNickname: McJustReallyReallyReallyHot.


Because of course it is, and in true Ellen style she even had the new monicker embroidered on a lab-coat for Jesse to sport on set.

Though it doesn't look like that lab coat has ever made it onto our TV screens we are glad that someone gave Dr. McJustReallyReallyReallyHot the credit he deserves!

Check out their full hilarious exchange below!

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