The 9 Best Shower Filters To Prevent Hair Loss

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No one should ever have to worry about losing their hair and with these incredible shower filters you can stop hair loss in its tracks! These filters are user approved by thousands of real users on Amazon. If you're suffering from hair-loss or dry skin from chlorine or other chemicals contaminating your water buy one of these affordable filters to stop these unpleasant side affects in their tracks!

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WeGuard 10-Stage Universal Shower Head Water Filter with 2 Cartridges for Hard Water

Reviewers said: "Prior to installing the shower filter, I had extremely dry skin as soon as I stepped out of the shower. Now I can feel a difference after showering. My skin and hair are so much softer."

Buy it on Amazon for $24

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LED Shower Head, Negative Ionic Double Filter Removes Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Bacteria and Impurities, 7 Color Changing

Reviers said: "This shower head is AWESOME!! This product comes with easy to follow instructions ( with pictures ) and all the hardware is included. The head changing colors while the water is running from red, blue, green, and purple and they're bright enough that you could shower with the bathroom lights off for a mystic feel."

Buy in on Amazon for $17.99

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Reviewers said: "The Shower Filter is very easy to install, and allow full water flow. Plus the shower feels great as water feels much softer. And the shower has less water spotting. Highly recommended ."

Buy in on Amazon for $23

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Bigar High Output Shower Water Filter

Reviewers said: 'Placed this on my shower Saturday have just had 2 showers and I can tell a difference in my hair - it feels great and I actually feel clean'

Buy in on Amazon for $26.60

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Shower Water Filter,FiYi 12 Stage Shower Filter-High Output Universal Shower Filter

Reviewers said: "I bought this shower water filter and a new shower head installed together. This filter is really good. It did not change the water pressure. But it filters out clean water and is good for my hair and skin."

Buy in on Amazon for $16

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Shower Head Water Filter, JETERY Filtered Over 99% Chlorine, Impurities & Unpleasant Odors

Reviewers said: 'Absolutely love this shower head! It took my husband less than 5 minutes to install. I've noticed a pretty big difference in my hair already, it's much softer and seems less dried out. would be a great shower head even if it weren't for the filter feature.'

Buy it on Amazon for $30.99

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Showerhead Water Softener For Reducing Chlorine, Heavy Metals and Odors

Reviewers said: "Bought this filter and installed it, and the difference was noticed right away the water feels "light"? Not heavy, after taking a shower you can feel smoother skin and hair feel clean and more manageable."

Buy in on Amazon for $49.99

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Ultra Shower Filter With 2 Replaceable 10 Stage Hard Water Purifier Cartridge & Hair Stopper for 1 Year Premium Filtration

Reviewers said: "Excellent price for a state 10 filter and replacements! Totally bonus buy! I love these filters, my hair is softer and no chlorine smell. I know it is working as my skin feels better too and less dry."

Buy it on Amazon for $31.84

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Vida Cora REVIDALIZE Your Hair Loss Prevention Filtered Shower Head System with Pulsating LED

Reviewers said: 'The set up was very easy, even for a person like me who's not very handy around the house. I followed the very clear installation directions. I think the LED lights are a hoot, and I love how they are coded to the temperature of the water. I kind of think this is a safety feature? The spray is remarkably strong, and I love that the showerhead can be detached and used as a handheld – so much easier for cleaning the shower stall, honestly!"

Buy it on Amazon for $29.99

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AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

Reviewers said: "I love this filter!I no longer smell like I've been swimming in a pool when I get out of the shower and my skin and hair feel less dry. Because our water is so hard I believe the filters are going to need to be changed at a fraction of what they should last but it's still cheaper than a water softener."

Buy it on Amazon for $36.86