Best Facial Rollers on Amazon


Looking for the right facial roller can seem like an ipossible chore - there are so many how can you even chose?! Well luckily for you we've compiled a list especially for you! See all the best facial rollers you can order today!

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MATKAS Derma Roller

Reviewers said: "Very well made and comparable to a higher priced name brand product. It's a great starter roller. There's enough of a needle that you feel it but not enough where it's uncomfortable."

Buy it on Amazon for $20

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Derma Roller Needle Skin & Face Care

Reviewers said: "If you are a first time Derma roller user, I highly suggest starting with this .25 roller because you won't damage your skin if you don't know what you are doing. This size roller will help you get the most out of your skincare products (meaning it will absorb into your skin better) and this one is safe to use weekly."

Buy it on Amazon for $13.99

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Derma Roller Needle Skin Care 540 Micro Needles Home Use Facial Skin

Reviewers said: 'I have to admit I was very scared to try this. So happy that I made this purchase. I was afraid it wasn't going to do much but it really did. Made my face a little red , my skin then sucked up my moisturizer and my face feels amazing. I have great expectations with continued use.'

Buy it on Amazon for $20

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Derma Roller anngrowy 540 Micro Needle Roller Titanium Needle Microneedle

Reviewers said: "I was thinking for a long time to get a derma roller and one of my esthetician frind recommended me to buy this one. I like the quality it seems help my ance skin. I use it with peel.and my skin peel a little bit. As result my skin get better, it also help the pitment area as well. This is just a couple weeks of experiment on my face. Recommend."

Buy it on Amazon for $11

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Premium Derma Roller Kit Titanium Microneedle

Reviewers said: "I've had issues through out my teens and twenties with skin problems. I bought this just to try and see if it would help me out (had a friend tell me about it) and it works so well! I use it twice a week, comes with fully sealed packaging, instructions on the box too. Really love this product and for recommend it to others!"

Buy it on Amazon for $12.97

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Anti Aging Jade roller Therapy 100% Natural jade facial roller

Reviewers said: "I notices a difference the first time I used this roller. I looked refreshes and my face appeared a bit slimmer -- can't complain about that!"

Buy it on Amazon for $11

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Chi Roller Anti Aging Jade roller Therapy 100% Natural jade

Reviewers said: "Its amazing and it was exactly what i was looking for"

Buy it on Amazon for $16.50

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3D Roller Vibration Electric Massager by NewPollar

Reviewers said: "This is the best massager I have ever used. It is sturdy, easy to hold and powerful with two speeds. I could not be more pleased with this product! I had seen a lot of videos featuring the massager and I knew that it had to be good, but this exceeded my expectations and is a great value for the money!"

Buy it on Amazon $24.85

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