8 Reasons We TOTALLY Miss Burke And You Should Too


Burke was so great we didn't even realize it till he was gone #BringBurkeBack.

Burke was, and remains, the only person capable of truly taming Christina Yang. Now, I know that's a controversial statement considering #TeamOwen and all that. And trust me, I LOVE Owen too, I do, but more for me than for her. Burke didn't enter into Christina's head games, he simply made it known what he needed, and if she wasn't down, he was out. Christina needed that, she still needs that, and that's why things with Owen didn't work out. Shonda help me out here...

So basically, Burke was great, and we miss him. In addition to taming Christina, he had some other pretty damn impressive qualities.

1. He knew how to let loose

Burke might have been a super serious cardio-thoracic surgeon, but he could still have fun.

2. He knew how to take charge

He knew what he wanted, and wasn't afraid to get after it.

3. He was unbelievably passionate

His passion for cadio-thorasics was ultimately what caused his departure from the show #tremmer, but it still inspires us.

7. He had freaking style

His surgical cap game was far superior to everyone else's.

4. He understood how to set boundaries

Seattle Grace was pretty much nothing short of a mating ground at times, and Burke wasn't playing games. He knew how to separate work life from home life... for the most part.

Unlike some other people we know...

Still love you though Owen.

5. He knew how to get what he wanted

This is how you deal with Christina. You take something that is supposed to be a big deal and you make it an inanimate object that she just has to accept exists and you end the conversation there. Bravo.

6. He knew when he had to walk away

Burke was the ideal partner for Christina, I love Owen, I do, but when you think about it, you know its true too. Burke demanded he be Christina's equal, and she needed that. However, all the rest that comes with loving Christina wasn't what he needed in the end (tears).

8. He wasn't spiteful

Despite all the craziness that had gone down between them (tbt to when mama stole christina's eyebrows), Burke left Christina his fancy research hospital because he knew it was the right place for her, and she was the right person for the job. AND he expected nothing in return.

So there you have it. Burke needs to be brought back to Seattle at once!